Why use a proofreader?

All written material should be clear, accurate and well presented. Whether it’s your website, thesis, novel, essay, business plan or brochure, it represents you and so needs to be the best it can be.

No matter how good your spelling and punctuation, it’s virtually impossible to proofread your own copy – you’re just too close to it and your brain will auto-correct errors making you blind to them.

This is where I, as a professional proofreader, can help. I will:

  • Check and correct spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Look for inconsistencies in style and content
  • Ensure the layout is clear and the document flows
  • Make sure that all pages, tables, graphs, illustrations etc. are present and correctly numbered
  • Check that all of the copy-editor’s changes have been made (if you’ve used one)

I can work on paper or on screen (Word or PDF), blind or against copy. I am happy to take on jobs of all sizes, and will ensure that your deadline is met.

Students must obtain permission from their supervisor to use an editorial freelancer.